Joint Meet on the South Downs

We had the pleasure of setting our alarm clocks a little later this week as we just popped over the downs to a joint meet of the Southdowndsc00003 and Eridge and the Crawley and Horsham Hunt. A group of typically useless plod took it upon themselves to flex their muscles but were somewhat deflated after the law was explained to them.

It was a tough old slog as we were out on the downs all day but were right up with the hounds all the time making sure the (pretty incompetent) Mr Hill didn’t get on to any foxes. Halfway through the day a lucky little one snuck between two groups of sabs but fortunately away from the noses of the hounds not too far away.

The hunt bimbled for the vast majority of the day, though stopping every now and then to draw small hedgerows and patches of gorse. Everything was done and dusted at 2.15pm (much to the relief of the new whipper in who was having some difficulty horse riding!).

Fundrasing gig: Flatpig, Primeval Soup, Pog + The Astronauts

On January 28th we will be putting on a gig to raise funds for Brighton Hunt Saboteurs group at The Cowley Club. Four excellent local acts, cheap booze/juice/hot drinks and loads of friendly faces. Please share and like this post and we can guarantee a good turnout and help keep our group saving wildlife for the rest of the hunting season and beyond!

Flatpig – raucous hardcore/thrash ‘cover your ears cus they gonna bleed’ punk rock

Primeval Soup – 1st gig in Brighton for ages playing their brand new album of ‘skanarcho prunk’ in full

POG – disturbingly catchy singalong acoustic folk punk

The Astronauts (acoustic) – Mark plays a collection of some of the legendary Astronauts material as an acoustic duo

Doors are at 7.30, bands start at 8. Fiver entry. Nuff said….

Facebook event here:

Pictures from the badger cull zone

Brighton Hunt Saboteurs have been out in the badger cull zones, stopping shooters shooting. You can see more on our Facebook page. If you would like to help fund fuel and equipment, we would love you to donate. Even better, if you would like to come and get involved then please contact us. Here’s a few of our pictures:

A hole filled with cracked maize to attract badgers to a trapping or shooting site. This one’s been scoffed by a hungry badger!
Whole maize used as bait without a hole this time.
A badger footprint.
An active sett where the badgers have recently been digging.

Mink Hounds get a bad start to the season

The opening meet of the Kent and Sussex Mink Hounds was not exactly a grand affair before we turned up. We arrived before they had a chance to start killing wildlife and so the whole thing was finished within about half an hour when the hunt just gave up and headed home.
We hung around a bit to check they didn’t reappear at another of their meets but that was basically it. Half an hour standing in a field stopped some cruel and illegal hunting. Easy!

Good Friday comes early for foxes!

Today we sabbed the shit out of the Southdown and Eridge Hunt. For some reason they decided to meet on a Friday at a pretty rubbish meet right next to a main road. From there they headed up to Mount Caburn (a nice Iron Age fort and also a nature reserve, naughty naughty) where they bumped into us waiting for them at the top of the hill. From then on we were right up with the hounds for the vast majority of the day, calling the hounds off any scent they picked up and giving both the huntsman and new whip Mathew Ball a little lesson in hound control.sabs at glyndebourne Continue reading “Good Friday comes early for foxes!”

The Burstow Kill At Their Closing Meet

 Yesterday saw us a take another trip to the Old Surrey and Burstow for their closing meet, but this time things were a little more eventful. Having found the meet, we positioned sabs in strategic positions where the hunt were likely to go, with one group of foot sabs tailling the hunt as they set off. Our expectations proved were proved right when the hunt made its way right up to our foot sabs and we were with from then on for the vast majority of the day. When we were with them, huntsman Mark Bycroft made a big show of trail hunting but kept sneaking off to hunt away from the trails.

Towards the end of the day, this all changed when we caught up with the hunt after a short while of losing them to find hounds in full cry. We rushed to the wood, only to find a fox in a ditch, barely conscious and desperately clinging onto their life. Three large bite marks were visible on the body. We did our best to get the fox to some vetenary assistance but sadly as he was carried away, his heart stopped beating and he died in a sab’s arms.


Before this, Croydon’s landrover was rammed by a irrate farmer (see Croydon Hunt Saboteurs) in his tractor. This hugely dangerous act was all but ignored by Sussex Police who were also nowhere to be seen following the death of the fox despite hassling our driver earlier in the day over carrying too many people in our landy (which was quickly agreed that this was not the case).

The Old Surrey and Burstow needn’t worry, we will definately be visiting them again next season.

Shoot Sent Packing

It’s not just fox hunts that we sabotage, we’re here for all persecuted wildlife. Today saw us pack up a pheasant shoot. The life of a pheasant can be a miserable one; intensively farmed then released only to shot down a few months later – well not today!

We’re gonna be at the next Rebel Alliance meeting at the Cowley Club this Tuesday (26th) from 7pm, if you fancy coming out sabbing come on down and have a chat!


Boxing Day 2015 – Demo in Lewes & chasing Farage in Kent

While some brilliant folk made a stand against the violent Southdown and Eridge Hunt in Lewes, the rest of Brighton Hunt Saboteurs hooked up with South Coast and Croydon for the Boxing Day meet of the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt at Chiddingstone Castle.

Heading east from the meet, the
huntsman tried to make a quick kill, having riders lined up to force a fox back toward the hounds, but we sabotaged them and prevented this. We stuck with the hunt all day, interfering as they tried several more times to get a fox. Our efforts were greeted with attempts to ride us down, block the road and drunken aggression.

Much of the field finished at the Rock pub at lunchtime, the remaining hardcore blood junkies continued trying to kill around Chiddingstone Hoath, finally finishinIMGA0223g up at their favourite Lockskinner’s Farm. Here one of the supporters (seems to have been demoted from whipper in) tried to steal or break our video camera, and then smashed the window of our Landrover, causing minor injury to the driver.

We munched our way through a mountain of rock cakes and mince pies while comparing epic vegan dinners of yesterday. Undeterred as ever, we’ll be back out stopping the New Year hunts. Do get in touch if you’d like to come too.

We will have to pay about £200 to fix the broken window of our Landrover, if you can donate a couple of pounds to help with this it would be much appreciated.

Demonstrate Against The Hunt Parading up Lewes High Street on Boxing Day

Some Lewes residents have contacted us to say that they want to publlcally show their disgust at The Southdown & Eridge fox hunt parading up the High St on boxing day. If you would like to join them they are meeting at 10.30am outside Costa Coffee at the precinct.

They will then be walking up to the high street so that the hunt can see they are opposed. Demonstrate against hunt boxing day

Whether you live in Lewes or not it would be great to see you there, we will have some Hunt Saboteur’s Association flags but bring banners and placards with your own message too.

The Southdown and Eridge Fox Hunt claim that they only follow a trail since the hunting ban came into effect in 2004. However, multiple already times this season we have found them surrounding woods and putting the hounds in to try and flush out a fox.

Hunting with dogs is cruel. That is the conclusion of the vast majority of people in Britain and why it was outlawed more than a decade ago.

Foxes, deer and hares suffer physiological and psychological stress when they are chased by a pack of hounds, and this suffering occurs whether or not they are eventually killed. A parliamentary inquiry into hunting with dogs (commonly referred to as the Burns Report) established this suffering as fact back in 2000, and that is why hunting with dogs for sport was outlawed a decade ago.

Contrary to what some pro-hunt groups claim, being chased by up to forty dogs under human control while surrounded by shouting, horn blowing hunters is not natural for any species. It is simply a cruel and bloodthirsty sport.

Hit Report – Round and Round In Circles at The Burstow

Tomorrow we will be out sabotaging hunts again but here is what we were up to last Saturday.

We first went out looking for the Southdown & Eridge Hunt but when there was no sign of them and we heard Croydon had followed The Old Surrey & Burstow & West Kent Hunt to the meet from the kennels, we headed over to Kent and joined up with Hastings, and Peacehaven saboteurs as well.

We found the hunt coming out of a footpath from the meet, followed them up the road, and then briefly lost them, however some other sabs radioed in that they had seen where the hunt went into a field so we quickly drove round them, over the gate and into the field.

We then spotted the hunt in the valley below us, harassing some cows. They headed back to the road so we got a pick up and followed the hunt back to the first gate we had followed them through! They went back down to the bottom of the hill, then back up to the same gate again, round and round in circles! We ended with some classic Burstow show trail hunting, they seemed to have set it up so they could even film us, as well as the trail.

We then followed the hunt back to the meet, up through some very pretty woods, and through a farm, where the farmer had a go at us about it not being a footpath, you’d have thought they would have got used to us not being on footpaths by now!

Overall a very successful day, they didn’t have a chance to hunt properly as they were continuously running away from us. Now looking forward to tomorrow.

Our trusty Landrover is due for its MOT soon, and we’re expecting it will need a bit of work, so if you can spare us some dosh please head here:

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